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Who is really stopping your learning?



Transferring Financial Success (TFS) is offering low-income youth or young adult the opportunity to arm their minds with financial, investing, and entrepreneur upward mobility pathway skills. Offering homeless school youth food gift vouchers or cards to help alleviate huger by allowing youth to focus on education and not where next meal is coming from.


Shaping and empowering the next generation with transformational financial, investing, and business wisdom to include peace of mind from hunger.

Financial Empowerment

Learning financial management principles to bring change and financial literacy to bright young minds creating pathways that are lasting and beneficial.

Summer Employment

School youth 14 to 18 who have completed the 14 financial games with certificates can contact Sensational Cajun for employment consideration on JBLM at our mobile food trailer. 


No account is required to play the Games. You need to create an account to print earn certificates to meet scholarship and sponsorship eligibility and send.

You can play these games through Transferring Financial Success by linking your account if you desire. This will allow TFS to view your earned certificates, which include your first and last name. **TFS will not have access to any information about your use of the Resources. 

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Youth or young adult are inspired with new or reinforced learning from several modules online. Majority of modules are self-pace with around eight to 10 hours mentor led spread over two days. TFS will have a comprehensive check on learning to award scholarships to youth attending college, university, trade or vocational schools.

Scholarships are awarded to youth or young adult needing assistance with obtaining their license to help with employment. 

Awards varies up to $1,000 based on test scores, needs and funding.


These online sessions are ongoing instilling basic principles for investing that leads to self-investing offering you the knowledge to obtain basic understanding when a financial advisor is offering a service. A session last 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Just a little knowledge is a game changer! 


Participants with enough hunger and thirst can leave with information, resources, and business plan development. The world is open, doors can be closed, but your key lie in your hands and minds!

TFS and SC will sponsor the top six low-income participants during our overview to attend Washington Business Week. Business Week help reinforce important skills to our daughter. Sometimes it's good to hear the same from others. Requires parents' permission and support.


Financial Empowerment Cajun Food Scholarship Fundraiser Week

June and August are the community scholarship fundraisers vending various Cajun comforts sponsor by Sensational Cajun mobile food trailer.

Pending Locations


Lacey Depot

TBD Dates

June 2022

August 2022


12AM to 8PM 

Online Sessions TBD

Each session is offered twice for one week Monday through Saturday at 6PM to 8PM.

A total of six low-income students are selected to attend Washington Business Week enhance and practice what they learned.